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Managed Print Services—Everything you need to know


What are managed print services?

In brief, managed print services (MPS) is a programme centred around deploying, managing, maintaining and updating your business’s printers, faxes, copiers and related consumables, usually provided by a third party.

Very few people get into business to become experts in print—other than us, of course. But failing to manage your print operations properly can eat up valuable time and distract you from actually running your business.

That’s why many organisations invest in managed print services instead.

Rather than the responsibilities of maintenance, management and printer service falling on in-house team members, the role of print management is outsourced to a third party.




The service is end-to-end: if it involves print, Brother Managed Print Services (MPS) covers it. This includes:

  • Analysis of business print needs and advice on hardware, software, workflows and print environment (including office layout) to meet them. We call this approach Balanced Deployment.
  • Free delivery and installation of the latest hardware.
  • 7-day New Zealand helpdesk, with no cost to call, even on weekends.
  • 4 year on-site warranty. If an issue can’t be remotely solved over the phone, we’ll send a technician on-site to repair it, free of charge*.
  • Regular, proactive maintenance and servicing of existing print fleet, including important security updates at no cost to you. This includes remote monitoring, where our experts can fix problems without even stepping into your workplace.
  • The most comprehensive nationwide service network of any print brand in NZ.
  • Automated replenishment of ink and toner, with freight costs covered by Brother.
  • Free recycling services for both hardware and consumables—we have the most comprehensive recycling programme in the NZ print industry.
  • Staff training on new devices for maximum efficiency.
  • Ongoing optimisation of print system to scale with business growth.
  • Local warehousing for quick shipping of consumables.
  • Swap devices to ensure business continuity, if it’s necessary for us to remove a printer from your site in order to repair or replace a part.

Ultimately, MPS has one goal: to shift the responsibility of your business’ print needs from your team to our team of dedicated experts, saving you time, money and stress.

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What are the benefits of managed print services?

Managed print services can benefit nearly every part of your business. The benefits include:

  • Increased visibility of spend. MPS provide a means to see how much your business is printing and what it is truly costing you. With Brother MPS, there are no hidden costs, ensuring you have visibility of cash flow on consumables and hardware. There are also no hooks or hidden costs, e.g. no cost to ring our helpdesk (even on weekends), no freight cost for replacement consumables.
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  • Smoother cash flow. You can avoid large, unforeseen capital expenditure for consumables or new hardware. With Brother MPS, Cost Per Page (CPP) and Cost Per Page Inclusive (CPP Inclusive) models smooth out print costs and help with print spend forecasting. 
  • Maximised uptime. Sudden breakdowns during the busiest part of your week (weekends included) can cause major disruptions. Brother MPS offers proactive maintenance and servicing, on-site repairs from a nationwide network of technicians, remote monitoring of your print fleet for any issues, and the availability of swap machines.
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When should a business employ Brother Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Here are just a few scenarios where a business should think about investing in Brother MPS:

You’re looking for a way to reduce print costs and better visibility of where and how you are spending on print.

Brother MPS reveals a business’s true printing volumes and costs, and identifies opportunities for optimising the print setup and reducing those costs. Brother also ensures no surprises or hidden costs with contracts that are transparent, not tricky.

Your business is growing or changing.

As a business restructures, you may end up with too few or too many printing devices. Businesses can also find themselves with a smorgasbord of different printer brands which require different drivers and different consumables—a logistical nightmare.

Brother MPS streamlines a business’s print fleet, providing an optimal print setup based on a business’s size and print needs.

You’re looking for better staff productivity and more efficient workflows.

What business isn’t looking to achieve greater productivity? Brother research has revealed that we collectively waste up to two centuries of productive work time every year due to poorly optimised print systems.

An MPS print assessment with Brother looks placing the right technology, in the right place, near the right staff—also known as Balanced Deployment. This ‘decentralised’ approach to print results in improved staff productivity where time wasted waiting at the printer is ruled out.

Your operations are booming and you can’t afford any downtime if you want to keep up with demand.

Being unable to print invoices, receipts and reports is an easy way to disrupt any work day.

The combination of automated consumables replenishment and regular proactive maintenance and servicing means Brother MPS reduces the occurrence of breakdowns and downtime.

Swap devices are also available to ensure you have maximised uptime.

You need support during off-peak business hours, such as during the weekends.

An invoice printer suddenly shutting off during a busy weekend delivery day is a nightmare for a retailer, a hospital and other organisations that operate during the weekends. Often, support won’t be available.

This is not the case with Brother MPS which offers a local 7-day support desk. If you are still unable to get the issue resolved, Brother will send out a technician (free of charge under the 4-year on-site warranty*).

To learn more about the service and support with Brother MPS, check out our infographic.

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What kind of businesses can benefit from Brother MPS?

Here are some case studies of businesses that have partnered with Brother to set up a managed print service:



“As a rapid-growth business with 31 stores across New Zealand, Lighting Plus knew they needed a managed print service that was efficient, reliable and able to match their growth.”

Lighting Plus



“Everyone has need of a great printing setup, and wood processors Tenon Clearwood were no different. There was only one problem: saying you need print efficiency is one thing, but getting it is quite another.”

Tenon Clearwood



“Doctors, nurses and other health professionals shouldn’t have to spend their valuable time fixing printers. The people at Otara Health Centre learned that very quickly when they discovered how much time they were losing due to simple printer problems.”

Otara Health Centre



“When you’re transporting the power of the New Zealand Defence Force on your trucks, it pays to make sure you’ve got the necessary paperwork.”

PTS Logistics


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